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Ensuring the Protection of People, Property and Assets!

Reliance Security is COVID-19 trained and has taken proactive approaches to protect our community and beyond in order to prevent the spread of the virus. Our officers strictly follow all CDC guidelines: wear face masks, gloves and practice social distancing. We ensure that our officers do not have any pre-existing conditions, like diabetes, asthma, liver disease etc. We measure our officers’ body temperature before they go to the job site. Every new employee is tested for COVID-19. All current employees are being tested for COVID-19 every month. We have experience working with hospitals. Our security officers successfully completed the following: Tuberculosis test, drug test, Physical and blood tests. Call us to find out more how we can help your business during this uncertain time.

When you hire Reliance Security Services – RSS, you don’t just get a “Guard”, you get a full Security Program. RSS conducts Free Security Survey-Assessment of our client’s facility. This survey is conducted by our Certified Protection Professional. After the survey, at no cost to client, RSS experts design a full security plan specified to your needs. The security plan will consist of Four Key Components: Physical Plant/Equipment/Hardware, Policy, Procedure and Personal. This service gives us an opportunity to ensure that every job we take proves our “BRAND OF EXCELLENCE”!

RSS is a licensed Security Training Academy, accredited by IDPR -Illinois Department of Professional Regulations. RSS has developed comprehensive training programs to ensure that our personnel are courteous, friendly and project a professional demeanor at all time. No one can beat RSS, when it comes to training security personnel.

Superior Insurance: Reliance exceed all State required $1 Million only; we provide the following:

  • ✓ $2 Million Umbrella.
  • ✓ $2 Million General Liability.
  • ✓ $1 Million Worker’s Comp.
  • ✓ $1 Million Auto Insurance.

Quality Assurance Division – QAD: QAD is comparable to the Police “Internal Affairs Division”. Reliance conducts random, covert/overt site inspections to ensure the highest level of services to our clients. Inspection Reports are provided within 24 hours.

Supervision: We provide 24/7/365 Field Supervision and Command Center to monitor cameras.

Rates: We offer reasonable – negotiable rates. Rates are determined by Levels of Security desired. The job requires Observe and Report or Take Corrective Action.

Employee Screening: We conduct the following:

  • ✓ Criminal FBI Background Check.
  • ✓ Previous Employment.
  • ✓ Drug and Alcohol Testing.

Reporting Procedures: Our reports are generated electronically.

Client Privileges: We provide our clients with extra benefits:

  • ✓ Customer satisfaction is our priority.
  • ✓ Client’s right to reject.
  • ✓ Client can choose type of uniform, color, equipment< used by officer, hardcore, softcore or suit and tie.
  • ✓ Custom Patches
  • ✓ Observe and Report or Corrective Action Required.
  • ✓ Level of Officers / Training required.

Superior Credentials – Experience: Our Leadership Team holds the highest credentials in the industry:

  • ✓ CPP – Certified Protection Professional – ASIS Board Certified.
  • ✓ CFE – Certified Fraud Examiner
  • ✓ 40 Years of Law Enforcement – Security Experience.
  • ✓ NRA – Law Enforcement Instructor

Policy and Procedures: At no cost to our clients, Site Specific Policies, Procedures and Safety Program are designed.

Superior Operations: We use “Shift Planing” Scheduling Software, with GPS tracking.

Our Services: RSS provides the following Security Services:

  • ✓ Armed, Unarmed Security, Off Duty Police and Tazer Armed Officer.
  • ✓ Foot, Mobile and Bike Patrols.
  • ✓ Retail Loss Prevention: Uniformed & Store Detective – Plain Clothes
  • ✓ Executive Protection.
  • ✓ Consulting Services includes: Security Plans, Physical Security – Crime Prevention Trough Environmental Design – CTED.
  • ✓ Undercover Operations.
  • ✓ 24/7 Camera Monitoring.

Training Academy: We provide the following superior training to our employees:

  • ✓ Unarmed and Armed Training.
  • ✓ CPR and First Aid.
  • ✓ Customer Services.
  • ✓ Fire Safety and Prevention.
  • ✓ CCTV and Alarm Systems.
  • ✓ Report Writing.
  • ✓ Professional Demeanor.
  • ✓ Computer Skills.
  • ✓ Handcuffing and Baton.
  • ✓ Criminal Law and Procedure.
  • ✓ Safety Procedures.
  • ✓ Required Specialized Training.

Mobile Units: All Mobile Units are equipped with GPS live Tracking – History Recording,decaled, lights and sirens.

Illinois: 5744 W. Irving Park Road–Suite 1, Chicago, Ill. 60634, Contractor License: 119-001068. Agency License: 122-000953.

Indiana: 2441 Production Drive, Suite 112, Indianapolis, IN, 46241. Security Contractor License: SG21900017

CONTACT: Abe Khan, CPP, CFE: Illinois – Direct: 773-407-8849. Indiana – Direct: 317-427-8000.
E-Mail: Abe.Khan@RelianceSecurityOnline.com