Loss Prevention Division

Crime is costly and demoralizing problem affecting all of us. Crime prevention is an elegantly simple and direct approach to protect the potential victim from criminal attack by anticipating the possibility of attack and eliminating or reducing the opportunity for it to occur and the possibility for personal harm or property loss should occur. HOW CRIME PREVENTION WORKS – OPPERTUNITRY REDUCTION! – Three ingredients must be present for a crime to be committed:

  1. Desire or motivation on the part of the criminal
  2. The skills and tools needed to commit the crime; and
  3. Opportunity

Crime prevention aims to reduce criminal opportunity rather than to attack either criminal desire or criminal skills. The reason for this emphasis is that reduction of opportunity (by making a potential target of attack inaccessible or unattractive and by making the attack itself dangerous or unprofitable to the criminal) is a particle approach that has proven its value!

  • RELIANCE SECURITY LOSS PREVENTION DIVISION: Asset Protection is one distinct area of private security. Sometimes falling under the umbrella of protection of assets or risk management, the main goal of Reliance Security Loss Prevention Division is to prevent losses. Losses can occur in various ways, through internal or external theft, shoplifting, robbery, lawsuits or accidents and injuries. At Reliance Security Loss Prevention Division we have developed comprehensive programs for Retail Loss Prevention Officers.
  • ROBBERY PREVENTION: Reliance Security is an expert in “Robbery Suppression”. Our program is defined as: Deliberate measures employed to discourage, dissuade and advert robbery activity.
  • LOSS PREVENTION DIVISION: Reliance Security Loss Prevention Officers – Store Detectives are thoroughly trained on all aspects of Retail Security, which includes apprehension and prosecuting of shoplifters. We offer following Loss Prevention officers:
    • Armed & Un-Armed Officers
    • Retail Loss Prevention, Store Detectives, Under Cover Agents and Off Duty Police Officers
  • RELIANCE SECURITY TRAINING ACADEMY – LOSS PREVENTION OFFICER TRAINING: Reliance Security is also a licensed Training Academy, By IDFPR – Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulations. Our Loss Prevention Officers receive following training:
    • Shoplifting Prevention, Apperception, Detention, Prosecution and Court Process.
    • Internal Theft Investigation and Interview and Interrogation.
    • 20 Hour Training, 40 Hour Armed Training, CPR – AED –First Aid, TASER, Tactical Baton & Handcuffing. Reliance Security is the only Security Agency in Illinois to carry TASER. By the TASER International.
  • EMPLOYEE BENEFECTS: Reliance Security Services offers its employees full Medical benefits.
  • RISK ASSESSMENT – SECURITY SURVEY: Reliance Security conducts a free Security Survey of our client’s facility by our CPP – Certified Protection Professional. This assures us that every job we take has our MARK OF EXCELLERNCE! Let Reliance Security Services assist you in protecting your “People, Property & Assets”. Unlike 95% Security Companies who only “Observe & Report”; we actually take “Corrective Actions”. EXPERIENCE AND CREDENTIALS: Reliance Security leadership Team holds highest credentials in the industry, with 30 years of Security and Law Enforcement experience. Reliance Management holds highest credentials:
    • CPP – Certified Protection Professional
    • CFE – Certified Fraud Examiner
    • NRA Law Enforcement Instructor
    • TASER Certified Instructor.
    • CPR – First Aid – AED Certified Instructor
  • SUPERIOR INSURANCE: Reliance Security exceeds all State Insurance requirements; State requires $1Million; Reliance provides Following: $2 Million General Liability, $1 Million Worker’s Comp and $1 Million Auto insurance.
  • INTERNAL AFFAIRS DIVISION – QUALITY ASSAURANCE: Our Quality Assurance team conducts random covert/overt site inspections to ensure the highest level of services to our clients as well as enhancing our quality of services in general. This Department also conducts “Integrity Testing” on our employees. FINGER PRINT SCAN – PAYROLL AND BILLING: Reliance Security Services uses Fingerprint Scan for accurate Payroll and Billing. This ensures that our clients receive accurate Billing.
  • REPORTING PROCEDURERS: Reliance Security reports are generated electronically.
  • POLICY, PROCEDURES AND SAFETY PROGRAMS: At no cost to client; Reliance Security Services designs Site Specific policies, procedures and Safety Program are designed.