Fire Watch Security Officer Services

Fire Watch Services

There are specific events which lead to a requirement of a fire watch systems. Such events can be a malfunction or a complete absence of fire protective equipment or fire related systems and or Arson. This may include, but is not limited to, fire sprinklers not working properly, fire alarm malfunction, water being shut down for repairs, fire sprinkler or pump being out of service, heightened risk of fire due to chemical storage, flammable material or toxic wastes thus making it a situation that can be very dangerous if left unnoticed.

Reliance can provide fire watch services to any industry’ including, but not limited to: Medical, Industrial, Construction, Financial, Neighborhoods, Schools, Restaurants, private venues, hotels, offices, warehouses and more.

A fire watch is a 24 hour requirement, the same as if an alarm or sprinkler would be provided for the structure. We have security officers specially trained and experienced in providing a fire watch. They meet all state requirements set by fire marshals to ensure the best protection for your property. Our officers can be deployed with minimal notice for immediate needs.

Reliance upon the start of the fire watch, we will conduct a “Free Security Risk Survey”. This will give us an opportunity to become familiar with the company’s property and specific areas of heightened fire risk. Reliance Fire Watch Security Officer will understand why the fire watch is necessary, and where the potential risk factors are located.

Reliance Fire Watch – RFW Officers are trained in Fire Safety, Fire Hazard and Fire Fighting equipment’s.

RFW are training on following:

  • Certified CPR- First Aid – AED
  • Licensed Fire Guard
  • Four Classes of Fires: It is important that you know how to classify fires when you see them, so you can take the appropriate action in an emergency.
  • Stages of Fire: There are four stages of a fire. The time it takes a fire to go through all these stages can vary from seconds, to hours, to days, to weeks, and even longer. You must be alert to discover and report at the earliest possible stages of any fire. Each stage is more dangerous than the previous one.
  • Triangle of Fire: The Fire Triangle is a good way to visualize the ingredients for a fire. Simply put, to extinguish any fire, remove one of the three elements of the fire.
  • Classes of Fire Extinguishers: Officer are trained on what class of extinguisher is needed to put out a fire.
  • Dangerous Dozen for Fire Hazard.
  • Purposes of Fire Alarms
  • Types of Alarm Systems.
  • Three types of Sprinkler Systems.

Reliance Fire Watch Record Keeping:

  • A fire watch log will be maintained at the facility.
  • Make available to the Fire Department
  • Address of the facility.
  • Times that the patrol has completed each tour of the facility.
  • Name of the person conducting the fire watch.
  • Record of the communication(s) to the Fire Department and monitoring company.
  • Record of other information as directed by Fire Department personnel.

Reliance Fire Watch Assign Tasks:

  • 15 to 30 minute interval patrols of the entire facility
  • Identify any fire, life or property hazards.
  • Notify the Fire Department if a fire is discovered
  • Notify occupants of the facility of the need to evacuate
  • Maintain a log of Fire Watch activities.
  • NOTE: The fire watch personnel will not perform fire-fighting duties beyond the scope of the ordinary citizen.