LEVEL 6: Plain Clothes/Store Detective/Undercover Agent

  • Armed – Plain Clothes or Client Uniform
  • Trained In: CPR–AED-First Aid–Tactical Baton-Handcuffing-Pepper Spray–Flashlight–20Hour Basic-20Hour Armed-Taser and Extensive Customer Service
  • Uniform Equipment Utilized: All equipment is carried covertly and at the client’s request. Could be armed or unarmed. Could potentially carry- Handcuffs, Baton, Pepper Spray, and Flashlight.
  • Possess full knowledge of observation & reporting procedures, report writing and corrective action such as arrests.
  • Good Fit for: Retail Stores, Factories, Warehouses, Basically Any Business that may have internal problems, i.e. Theft, Sabotage, and Fraud.