LEVEL 5: Executive Protection

  • Armed – Civilian Clothing – Concealed Bullet Proof Vest
  • Medical: Certified First Responders – Wilderness First Aid – CPR/AED
  • Trained In: Advance Firearm, Physical Interventions Techniques, Baton, Handcuffing, Defensive Handgun/Knife, & Defensive Driving, 20hr Armed Security.
  • EP Carry Package: compact semi-automatic pistol in .40 caliber, an extra magazine of .40 Federal Hydra Shok premium hollow point ammunition, a .32 caliber pocket pistol backup gun with concealment holster, a one hand opening tactical knife, a 16″ expandable baton, & 2 pairs of single-use disposable handcuffs.
  • Possess full knowledge of Threat Detection/Assessments-Risk Analysis & Advance Security Surveys-EPS Communications- Client Extractions-Stalker & Threat Management-Tactical Planning/Operations-Domestic Protection-Estate Protection SOP’s-Team Deployment-Anti-Paparazzi Techniques, and more!
  • Good fit for: Dignitary Protection, Executive Protection, Estate Protection & Corporate Protection.