LEVEL 4: Tactical Task Force

  • Armed – Uniform + Bullet Proof Vest – All Subdued
  • Trained In: CPR–AED-First Aid–Tactical Baton-Handcuffing-Pepper Spray–Flashlight–20Hour Basic-20Hour Armed-Taser-Terrorist Training -Riot Control
  • Uniform Equipment Utilized: Duty Belt with-Gun, Handcuffs, Baton, Pepper Spray, Flashlight, Radio, Body Cam, Stun Gun/Taser, Rifles, Riot Shield
  • Possess full knowledge of observation & reporting procedures, report writing, arrest procedures, squad car maneuvering, advanced arrest procedures and riot control
  • Good Fit for: Sweeps, Strike Force, Riot Control, Nuclear Power Plant, Government/ Federal Buildings, Any Client Wanting Advanced Security & Any Extreme Situation