Employees of the Month

4/2020 Officer Lefridge was recognized for his excellent attendance. Officer Lefridge was never late to work and demonstrated perfect work ethic. Officer Lefridge had no call-offs and picked up extra shifts. Officer Lefridge is a highly valuable employee.

5/2020 Officer Perez was notified by an employee at the job site about a missing wallet and a phone. Officer Perez conducted an investigation, using CCTV camera system. Officer Perez located, detained, prosecuted and recovered the stollen items. Officer Perez demonstrated a quick reaction. Officer Perez is highly recognized for his excellent performance.

6/2020 Officer Vazquez did a great job preventing a property vandalism at Jim’s Original Restaurant. While Officer Vazquez was on duty, a group of six individuals tried to do a graffiti on the side wall of the restaurant. Office Vazquez acted quickly. He approached the individuals, detained and pressed charges. Officer Vazquez called Chicago Police right away.

Excellent job, Officer Vazquez!