About Us

Dear Customer,

I would like to thank you for visiting Reliance Security Services website for consideration for your security needs. We meet the complete security needs of all our clients; "One Stop Shop". We specialize in designing a complete security program.

A few facts about why we should be considered as your sole security service provider:


  • Free Security Survey: Reliance Security conducts a free Security Survey of our client's facility by our CPP – Certified Protection Professional. This assures us that every job we take has our MARK OF EXCELLENCE!
  • 98 % Security Companies practice "Observe & Report"; At Reliance we actually take "Corrective Actions" 24/7/365.
  • Reliance Security has had ZERO losses since last 10 years.
  • Reliance Security leadership holds highest credentials in the industry, with 30 years of security and law enforcement experience.
  • Reliance Security General Liability, Worker's Comp and Auto Insurance are unmatched.
  • Our Quality Assurance team conducts random covert/overt site inspections to ensure the highest level of services to our clients as well as enhancing our quality of services in general.
  • Reliance Security is also a licensed Training Academy, By IDPR - Illinois Department of Professional Regulations.
  • Reliance Security has developed comprehensive training programs to ensure that our officers are courteous, friendly and project professional demeanor at all time. Reliance Security has no equal, when it comes to training our personnel.
  • All Reliance Security Officers are Certified in following – No other security company will offers such through Security Training: 20 Hour Training, 40 Hour Armed Training, CPR – AED –First Aid, TASER, Tactical Baton & Handcuffing. Reliance Security is the only Security Agency in Illinois to carry TASER. By the TASER International.
  • Reliance Security is recognized for being hands-on, pro-active, identifies risk and implements solutions.
  • Reliance reporting standards and procedures are unmatched.
  • Reliance Security uniforms are designed as site specific.
  • Reliance Security is an expert in "Robbery Suppression". Our program is defined as: Deliberate measures employed to discourage, dissuade and advert robbery activity.
  • Reliance Security offers reasonable and negotiable rates.

SUPERIOR SECURITY INSURANCE - We exceed all state insurance requirements!

  • $5 Million Dollar General Liability
  • $1 Million Dollar Worker's Comp.
  • $1 Million Dollar Auto insurance.

SUPERIOR CREDENTIALS - We hold the highest credentials!

  • CPP – Certified Protection Professional
  • CFE – Certified Fraud Examiner
  • CLAD – Certified Lodging Security Director
  • NRA Law Enforcement Instructor
  • TASER Certified Instructor. Reliance is the only Security Agency in Illinois certified to carry and train and carry Taser; by TASER International.
  • CPR – First Aid – AED Certified Instructor
  • Tactical Baton & Handcuffing Certified Instructor – ASAP.


  • Armed, Un-Armed, Mobile, Foot & Bike Patrol Officers
  • Retail Loss Prevention: Uniformed Officers & Store Detective – Plain Clothes
  • Under Cover Agents – Off Duty Police Officers
  • Consulting – Risk Assessment.


We provide following training:
  • Armed & Un-Armed Security Training 20 Hour & 40 Hour
  • Taser – This is a Law Enforcement Course. Reliance is the only Security Agency in Illinois to teach this course.
  • ASP – Tactical Baton & Handcuffing.