Hotel Security Training

Today’s Hotel industry has a high level of standards to meet when it comes to protecting its Guests, Visitors and Employees which entitled them to be safe and secure. Hotels also have significant asset protection issues.

Illinois Department of Professional and Financial Regulations requires basic Security Training to acquire 20 Hour Unarmed Training Certificate, Which is mandatory for Permanent Employee Registration Card – PERC – (License to work Security in Illinois). This does NOT include anything about Hotel Security. Why should your Hotel Security have generic basic 20 hour Security Training; when they can receive Hotel Security Training through Reliance Security Training Academy!

Below are the subjects thought in Hotel Security Officer 20 Hour Training:

  • Introduction to Hotel Security
  • Role of a Hotel Security Officer and General Duties
  • Legal Powers and Limitations
  • Ethics and Conduct
  • Access Control
  • Communications and Public Relations
  • Report Writing
  • Fire Prevention, Fire Control & Fire Hazards
  • The law of Arrest, Search & Seize
  • Civil & Criminal Liability
  • Sources of legal authority & limitations
  • Sexual Harassment Law, Policies, Procedures
  • Managing & Dealing with Conflict
  • Physical Intervention & Restraint Training
  • Designing & Writing Standard Operational Procedures
  • Emergency & Contingency Planning
  • Conducting an Effective Security Site Survey
  • Threat Response Measures
  • Hardening of Security
  • Searching Personnel, Vehicles and Rooms
  • Suspicious Packages & Bomb Threats
  • Area Cordoning Procedures
  • Dealing with Various Incidents
  • Incident Control & First Response
  • Security Patrol & Security Posts
  • Final Examination.

Reliance Security Training Academy Instructors holds highest credentials in the Security Industry:

  • CPP – Certified Protection Professional
  • CFE – Certified Fraud Examiner
  • CLSD – Certified Lodging Security Director
  • NRA Law Enforcement Instructor
  • CPR – First Aid – AED Certified Instructor