Fire Guard


The Municipal Code of Chicago charges a fire guard with specific duties and responsibilities. The most important duty of fire guard is to notify the Fire Department and to begin an orderly evacuation of the show patrons in the event of fire. The Fire Department must be called at the first indication or report of a fire. A fire guard should not attempt to verify a fire before calling the Fire Department.

A fire guard is required to tour the show area and associated storage areas on an hourly basis with a watchman's clock provided by the show manager. The locations of the key stations for the watchman's clock are specified by the Bureau of Fire Prevention. The fire guards are required to make rounds during the periods when the show is being set up or dismantled.

Fire guards are further required by law to see that all exit doors are unlocked and unobstructed, and that the aisles, corridors, and other mean of egress are clear and free of obstructions.

A fire guard is also required to keep standpipes and hose connections, fire extinguishers and other fire equipment identified, unobstructed and in working order. Combustible packing materials are not permitted to be stored behind or between exhibit booths or behind draperies.